Productive Dorset Sheep

Twin Maple Farms

Mature Ewes

We currently have a few mature ewes available to make room for some ewe lambs.

Mature Rams

We do not have any mature rams available at this time.

Yearling Rams

We are currently sold out of Yearling Rams as of January 



 Ram Lambs

As of January 2019 we have a nice group of May 2018 born 

Ram Lambs to select from.

Yearling Ewes and Ewe Lambs

We have a nice group of Winter born 2018 lambs that are currently available.  These are out of K Bar K 1051 or Hunter 63187.  They were exposed to a ram from November 26, 2018 until Mid-January 2019.

We also have a group of Spring 2018 born lambs that have been pasture born and raised.  These are also out of K Bar K 1051 or Hunter 63187.  These have not been exposed to a ram.


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