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Alberda 322

Alberda 322 is sired by Meeuwse 914 and was born in February 2013.  He is a smaller framed, but thick ram, who seems to be very "easy keeping".  He is RR at codon 171. 

Alberda 034

Alberda 034 (on the right) and Alberda 019 (not pictured) are both VT G045 sons and were used in our flock over two lambing seasons before being sold to other flocks.  034 was QR and 019 was RR at codon 171. 

(K Bar K 7132 is on the left, and Meeuwse 0914 is in the middle)

Alberda 415

Alberda 415 (far left) is our keeper ram from the May 2014 lamb crop.  He was twin born and raised on pasture by a 15 month old ewe.  He is sired by K Bar K 8029 and is RR at Codon 171. 



K Bar K 1051

We purchased K Bar K 1051 from Dave Meeuwse in the Fall of 2014.  1051 is out of an AI project which brought imported genetics from the Blackdown flock in England.  We are excited to see his contribution to our flock.  He has solid and balanced EBV's, RR at Codon 171, in a package that should excel in a grass-based system.


Alberda 355

Alberda 355 is a homegrown son out of K Bar K 7132 from a May 2013 pasture lambing.  He is pictured here at around 14 months old.  He is RR at codon 171.

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Carson 1479

Carson 1479 was the sire of our foundation Dorset ewes

 (Not pictured)