Productive Dorset Sheep

Twin Maple Farm is a breeder of Registered Production oriented Dorset Sheep. We are striving to produce “True” Dorset Sheep that maintain the breed character which has made the Dorset a wise choice of sheep for both the commercial and purebred breeder. Our emphasis has been placed on Prolificacy (expressed in number of lambs born), and Maternal Traits (expressed in number of lambs weaned, and total pounds of lamb weaned).  We have not had foot-rot and we tested all of our mature animals for OPP in 2011 with all negative results.

We lamb between 50 and 60 ewes, with half of the flock lambing in February in a barn and the other half lambing outside on pasture in May.  Our flock is enrolled in the National Sheep Improvement Program (NSIP) , which allows us to utilize Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) to identify and select genetically superior animals which enable us to ensure genetic improvement within our flock from year to year.

The farm is owned and operated by the Alberda family and is located close to Lake Michigan’s shoreline in Zeeland Michigan which is nearly 30 miles from the city of Grand Rapids. Contact us with any requests for breeding stock, freezer lambs, or regarding any questions you might have about sheep and our farm.


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Breeding Stock


Our goal is to produce Dorset Sheep that will be productive and thrive in both an environment which provides supplemental grain, as well as a forage based production system.  We typically have rams and ewe lambs available for purchase




Freezer Lamb

If you would like to buy some great locally produced and processed lamb meat, we will have some lambs available throughout the year.




We raise all of the forage that we need for our animals.  We typically have more hay harvested than we can use so we offer the excess small square bales of hay for sale.




About Twin Maple Farms

Breeding Registered production oriented Dorset Sheep.

Twin Maple Farms